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I figure since halloween is next week we should all get into the spirit!
Also this week we will be eliminating 05 icons so good luck to everyone this week!

This week your images will be:



Theme - Halloween
Any icon representing halloween, you may chose any image you like including the provided pictures.

[x] If you have two icons to submit you must submit one for each challenge.
[x] If you have one icon you may submit in the challenge of your choice. Meaning, you can choose to submit in either the image theme or the special challenge theme.

[x] Deadline is Friday, October 26th. - I know its cutting it a bit short, if I need to extend this challenge thats not a problem :-)
[x] Use the provided pictures only.
[x] Brushes & textures can be used, but not required.
[x] Blending of images is allowed.
[x] Text can be used, but not required.
[x] Animation is permitted as long as you use only the pictures provided.
[x] Must fit livejournal standard 100x100 and under 40kb.
[x] You may use a skip, please leave a comment to this post. Skips may be earned by promoting up until the Challenge 01 deadline. If you would like to earn a skip, help me out my promoting... information on that here

Make sure your name is on this list here before entering.
Entered: 7/10
Icon Count: 8/13

Participants: 0
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Tags: c05, challenges, r01
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