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R01-C05 Results

Very late...I know! I was away for the weekend and just didn't get around to posting the results so here they are, a bit late I know but here they are nonetheless :-)

I'm behind on the banners as well, I promise I'll get them to you guys as soon as possible.


tabettha nervous__girl smeddley

tabettha is down to one icon.
nervous__girl and smeddley have been eliminated from the competition.

Image Challenge


Special Challenge


Image Challenge


Special Challenge - no mod's choice this week

You can find your icon number here

01: -7
02: -3
03: -3
08: -4
09: -3
10: -3
11: -4

01 - what's up with the colors? they're pretty ugly, and I can't read the text. :( I don't understand this icon!
01 - can't read the text
01 - The combination of colors is really hard on my eyes.
01 - it's too sharp and the letters are unreadable.
01 - I can't read it at all. I feel like I should be able to.
01 - Its hard to tell what the icon is about. The background seems much too pixelated
01 - i can't really read the text on the note

02 - either all color or all black & white would work better
02 - the inverting looks pretty lame and pointless. this icon seems pretty lifeless...
02 - The tones in the icon seem to clash.

03 It took a long time to realise what it's supposed to be and red and lime green are too dominating as background colours.
03 - Unfortunately, the crop is making me kind of dizzy. Otherwise, I think it's really cute.
03 - I'm really not feeling that the border should go with the icon.

08 - the backdrop doesn't work well
08 - the girl seems to stand out from the background too much, and is oversharp
08 - Well, I quite like the icon but I needed to choose 3 negative. It could have been smoother, looks too sharp.
08 - For some reason the box in the background plus the slanted text just don't seem to work.

09 - I appreciate you trying to do something different and the effort's good, but the icon looks really messy. :/ The picture is really pixely and Comic Sans doesn't look good anywhere...
09 - The text doesn't seem to go well with the icon and the picture is a bit small to see what is going on
09 - the text is difficult to read and i feel the picture is too small to be properly percieved.

10 - too out focus, needs sharpened up or something
10 - It needs a bit of sharpening and some detail.
10 the image could have maybe been cropped better

11 - The pumpkin is dark and fuzzy and I can't see the relevance of the pi symbol.
11 - it's boring and blah
11 - The concept is cute, but I think the border takes away from the icon.
11 - I don't quite understand the idea. The icon would also look better without the frame.

04: +5
05: +4

09: +2
10: +4
11: +2

04 - simple but very nice. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's just very nice-looking without being too complicated or anything. less is more!
04 - The lighting effects make it look a little bit spookier. Perfect for Halloween.
04 - I like the coloring and the texture. It's so simple.
04 - It is simple, yet beautiful. Love it.
04 - I like the colouring and the brushes used

05 - nice and crisp good use of texture
05 - excellent cropping!
05 - simple and well laid out
05 - Sweet and simple, and I love the dotted border

09 - The Great Pumpkin! What more can I say!
09 - how can you not love the great pumpkin?

10 - I really like the crop on this one.
10 - Ver well done. The cropping, coloring and scratchy texture work great together.
10 - Nice texture!
10 - Nothing too crowded, like an overuse of brushes. It's cute. :)

11 - Very crisp, clean and stands out
11 - Haha! Pumpkin Pi!! I love it!!!
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