Kayleigh (ladybug1219) wrote in themed_lims,

R01-C08 Voting

Did Not Enter/Eliminated: none
Skipped: none
Dropped Out: none

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A few voting notes:
[X] You are making 2 negative and 1 positive vote.

[X] You must provide an explanation when voting.
[X] When commenting, try not to get too opinionated, I understand that you either like or dislike the icon you are voting for and what we are looking for is comments explaining why or what you don't like about the icon.
[X] Please do not say things like "this icon sucks" or "its just ugly" those types of comments do not help the icon maker which is what the comments are meant to accomplish.
[X] Your vote will not count if you are overly negative, harsh, or just plain rude.

[X] You must use the textbox form when voting:

Also, aurelia and I have created an all new Icontest;

click the banner to join
icon_showdown is a new type of Icontest, a contest in which traditional week by week icontests and LIMS competitions are combined to create a refreshing new approach to icon contests with a quite a bit more.
(profile | faq | Challenge 01 - Round 01 is open)

I would love to see some familiar faces :-)
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