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Challenge Reminder/Promo

We have yet to have anyone enter in our first challenge back from the new year, just a reminder, all entries are due SUNDAY, JANUARY 13TH.


Remaining Contestants

Also, we will begin Round 02 sign-ups soon enough. I realize this current round certainly has not gone as smoothly as I had hoped for but I can assure you, along with the help of hel_lansky Round 02 will run much better and efficient so keep an eye out for sign-ups.

If you're looking for more LIMS to keep you occupied, lims_tori sign-ups are now open.
This next round promises to be more different than any LIMS you have done. For each challenge you will be given 5 images to choose from and with those 5 you must make a set of 3 icons to submit. So instead of entering just one icon you will be entering one set of icons. We are very excited about this round to begin.


Also, lims_tori could use a few more votes in our BEST OF 2007 VOTING.

Katalina - brown polka dot

R01-C08 Voting

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Also, aurelia and I have created an all new Icontest;

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icon_showdown is a new type of Icontest, a contest in which traditional week by week icontests and LIMS competitions are combined to create a refreshing new approach to icon contests with a quite a bit more.
(profile | faq | Challenge 01 - Round 01 is open)

I would love to see some familiar faces :-)