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R01-C4 Results/C3 Banners

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Image Challenge

Special Challenge - 3 way tie
brandied_plum iikhushi86ii sapphirevampire

Image Challenge

Special Challenge

Absolutely gorgeous icons this week you guys! I do believe it was our best week yet :-)

You can find your icon number here.

01: -4
02: -1
03: -5
04: -2
05: -2
06: -1
07: -3
09: -5
10: -2
12: -3

01 - the hair seems oversharp, the edging just makes it look weirdly fuzzy
01 - the image is too sharp.
01 - very plain, and the water seems to be oddly-colored
01 - Although the cropping is unique, it doesn't seem to have much of a focus and the icon is a bit boring.

02 - it seems a little washed out, bland

03 - I'm not feeling the blue-ish colored background, its too plain and could have used more
03 - the blue grass and the blue sky doesn't go well - too similiar.
03 - the colors seem off, and kind of dreary
03 - While I appreciate the work that went into changing the color of everything but the duck, the icon is rather boring, and while it highlights the duck, there nothing special done to the duck to give it a point.
03 - blueish color doesn't quite work here

04 - the colours are nice and bright, but it's a bit blurry and the little ducks look like they are sliding into the big duck's ear.
04 - Icon looks too sharp

05 - The diagonal shading seems out of place
05 - there could have been more done with the coloring, seems a bit over sharpened.

06 - it's a bit dark and unclear, and the cropping of this one isn't as good as the cropping on #01 - the child's toes should be there too!

07 - it's a bit blurry and the colours are dull.
07 - a different color font to seperate it more from the background would have brought more attention & focus to the words.
07 - the colors are kind of dull and the font doesn't seem to fit the icon

09 - the layout of the text seems awkward
09 - Black font doesn't seem to fit well.. its too dark, perhaps a gray color would be more suitable
09 - Inconsistent punctuation and unnecessary capitalization; font doesn't match the icon and is poorly placed
09 - The cropping of the image is flat and boring. It would be better with a more focused cropping, beyond just putting the duck in the center of the image. The text looks awkward, like it was trying to fit around the cropping, instead of the cropping being directed to aid in the placement of text.
09 - cute icon but the font is a bit too plain.

10 - The text doesn't quite seem to fit the icon at all. The cropping doesn't seem to have a focus, and the font color doesn't really fit with the rest of the icon.
10 - font is a bit blurred and plain.

12 - I like the flowers, but the combination of flowers and ducks doesn't quite gel for me, and it's rather blurry.
12 - it seems a little blurry, the flowery effect around the tiny text doesn't seem to fit
12 - it seems out of focus and blurry.

02: +5
05: +2

08: +2
09: +1
11: +2
12: +2

02 - nice cropping, natural colouring, and the animated text is cool!
02 - smooth animation! the font isn't too overbearing, either
02 - nice sharp and bright image and the quack is a nice touch
02 - great happy colors, nice animation, cute
02 - cute, simple, very effective.

05 - the coloring and choice of text color/placement are lovely
05 - Is adorable a good reason? The use of brushes adds depth to the icon without detracting from it, and the font choice and color are good, as well.

08 - great picture, appropriate text nicely placed, natural colouring.
08 - even though I think it would be better if the 'one' was scooched over a bit, I like the layout and the picture, and the text fits the photo.

09 - very sweet and fits well with the childhood theme using a Sesame Street song.

11 - its simple, no overwhelming use of brushes, not too many words.. the tiny text is nicely placed as well!
11 - my favorite icon this week, lovely coloring, font is very cute and nicely placed.

12 very cute, great cropping, overall very nice
12 - It's a cute choice of picture and it's relatively simple without being boring.

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